1 Mar 2013
MAXTEC 18XL (1811-1814) series for Epson printers are available
15 Nov 2012
MAXTEC 210 (131) & 410 (305) series for HP printers are available
24 Aug 2012
MAXTEC 390A / X series for HP printers available for MPS Solution
24 Jul 2012
MAXTEC 280A / X series for HP printers available
MAXTEC is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in the field of printer consumables, our product line including inkjet and toner cartridges, refill system, TTR, Ink Film, Photo paper.
MAXTEC was found in Hong Kong with the belief of technology revolutionizing human life. To maintain its market competiveness, the company established an ISO 9001&14001 certified production house with strict quality control system at China since 1998. Following with backward vertical integration, we keep a rapid growth and broaden our distribution channels. We have worked with companies in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia-Pacific for agency and private label projects. Meanwhile, we have a high-caliber R&D team, which constantly develops ink formula, and conducts electronics and chemical research. Professional technician which provides assists to solve all kinds of technical problems and improve products functioning. Our creative marketing people also provide professional ideas about marketing strategies and sharpen your competitiveness with innovative marketing materials.
Our vision
"Maximize the values of life by technology". Continuous investment in R&D and advanced technology are always MAXTEC’s main components. In addition, MAXTEC emphasizes on developing our personnel, we recognize our people and technology both as the main resources of the limited.
Our mission
MAXTEC strive to offer ‘Value for Money’ solution to customers. We are committed to providing the best services and products in reasonable price to satisfy different needs. Today, MAXTEC is widely recognized in the worldwide market.
Moving forward, MAXTEC's mission is to expand our services and products further to improvement of life style and values by using innovative technology. Through our well-established worldwide distribution network, MAXTEC and its agents are strongly developing MAXTEC branding experience in Asia, America and Europe. Our aim is to offer our customers a one-stop solution for printer consumables and computer accessories.